Sunday, 2 December 2012

being a father

moon soft waves splash
around heather kiss
as love makes love

When his eyes met mine from the womb, I saw no father in the stare. No past echo. I was blank. In me alone the river flowed to his sea. But the future is shadow, absence, not the dawn mist in giddy love.

the house shudders
from ‘fuck you’ storms
with arms windless sails


  1. The back and forth of a relationship, can surely be a trip. Love makes love was a great line.

  2. In me alone the river flowed to his sea...nice great line that...and that last stanza is a great use of an expletive to make people sit up and take notice...ha...took me by surprise and made me reread...smiles.

  3. Terrific haibun and that last stanza packs a wallop, wonderful stuff.

  4. I agree! The last stanza made me read again too!Wonderful!

  5. The contrast between the first and last stanza is striking!

  6. Wonderful. I had sons too. I understand.


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